Loop Connection is a project by Michele Krnjak, and the simple answer to a common problem: “what do you do when you’re the only one showing at a band practice?”
Krnjak creates loops on the spot, with clever use of the loop pedal, combined effects and percussions, pushing guitar beyond the instrument’s limit. The result is Funk-disco with some kind of east-european flavor that sounds distinctly real, hand-crafted. “No DJs, no pre-recorded beats. It may sound imperfect, but this is my quest for a true, HUMAN groove”.

Michele Krnjak

Multitasking Guitarist, Bassist, Percussionist and Beatboxer. He’s been busking for several years, with a focus on instrumental music. Still, sometimes he just throws some vocals into the mix, but his half-Croatian blood urges him to sing about slav labourers, squatting-related problems and old people wearing hats.

Francesco Cinti

After 15 years of solid,classical background, he’s been converted into black music. He likes to invade other artists’ EPs, but mainly he hangs out with Italian underground funk band Groove Connection .

Luca Bosi

Keyboards, strange sunglasses. He loves challenging Krnjak into fierce, bloody speed battles (which usually wins thanks to finger superiority). Check him out with his buddies from Track Chase