Wed 15 Dec 2021 9 PM – 11 PM CEST

Get groovy and laugh your *** off on the most ridiculous comedy funk show of the web!

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The Comedy Funk Show starts in:

If you have an itch for disco funk music, non-sense and awfully rude jokes…

And you want to hang around for a couple of hours having a real good time

While moving your hips and laughing so loud that your neighbours will be envious for the rest of their lives…

The Loop Connection Comedy Funk Show is here for you.

With lots of stank faces

Karate Kid Grooves…

And non-sense dancing…

The fun is 100% guaranteed!

Also, I believe that a great show is made by both sides: the band and the public.

So this is going to be the most interactive show you’ve ever attend.

It’s a show where YOU can take part of the action.

This is just a scratch of what the Comedy Funk Show has to offer:

    • Original Disco-Funk Live Looping Songs to groove and dance all night long while your neighbours are bored
    • Lots of comedy moments to make you laugh so loud that you will need a respirator and a chair to sit
    • The craziest and stankiest faces you’ll ever seen in your entire life
    • Interaction with the most lit chatroom you’ve ever been into.
    • Chat with me in real-time, send songs request, even joke requests, and meet up with the rest of the audience – I’m not exactly a dating app, but if you need a sexy soundtrack to spice up the moment, I’m ready to play “You Can Leave Your Hat On” all night long

Don’t miss the chance and grab a ticket to have a good 2-hour time with me…

The Comedy Funk Show starts in:

What fans say about Loop Connection

This are just some of the hundreds comments I recieve while playing:

The Comedy Funk Show starts in:

What’s the difference between the 3 tickets?

Well, it’s very simple.

There’s the BASIC Ticket that gives you:

    • Access to the Comedy Funk Show
    • Access to the chatroom

This is for everyone who doesn’t know the Loop Connection world and want to taste it for the first time.

Then there’s the PREMIUM Ticket, that gives you:

    • Access to the Comedy Funk Show
    • Access to the chatroom
    • Link to download the SHOW and Rewatch it
    • Digital download of our latest LP

If you take the PREMIUM Ticket, you will get an email with a link to rewatch or download the Show.

N.B. After the show the original link will be deleted and only PREMIUM and SUPERFAN members will receive the new one to rewatch and download the SHOW.

The third ticket is the SUPERFAN one and it’s for those people who want to get the maximum experience from Loop Connection.

The SUPERFAN ticket contains:

    • Access to the Comedy Funk Show
    • Access to the chatroom
    • Link to download the SHOW and Rewatch it
    • The Ultimate Loop Connection Experience Bundle

What is The Ultimate Loop Connection Experience Bundle?

It’s the exclusive package that is send to Loop Connection Hardcore Fans’.

It contains:

    • Digital Discography (11 Albums)
    • 4 CDs (Signed by the band)
    • 1 Funk Agenda (Signed by the band)
    • 1 Exclusive T-Shirt
    • Free Shipping Worldwide

The limited edition t-shirt of Loop Connection is the same t-shirt that Miki wears when he plays live.

If you want to feel like a band member while listening to Loop Connection, that’s the right way to do it.

T-shirt available with the bundle only!

The Ultimate Loop Connection Experience Bundle contains all 4 studio albums released by the band:

The latests SLAV I and SLAV II are the greatest collection of songs made by Loop Connection.

With over 20 songs the amount of funkiness is 100% guaranteed!

Lost In Paradise is the first album released by Miki.

It’s a collection of ambient live looping songs, played with the Hang Drum, a magical instrument from Swiss.

Total Turn it’s the album that started the funk for Miki; lots of jam session and disco-funk beats.

All the 4 CDs will be signed before the shipment by the band members.

Our CD-Book is a 60 page book designed as a diary.

On the left pages there are lines to write thoughts/ideas/plans/goals…

The right pages are blank so that you can draw on it and be creative.

On the first page there’s a qr-code where you can download the record SLAV II for free.

The CD-Book will be signed by the band members before the shipment.

Available with the bundle only!

Be aware that we made only 10 bundles and 2 were already sold, so there’s only 8 left to grab.

Now that you know the difference between all the tickets, it’s time to grab your one before the show starts.

The Comedy Funk Show starts in:

If you are not sure if this is for you I will cover you with the Official Warranty “Have Fun or Refun(d)”

You know what that means?

I’m so sure that you enjoy and cry for laughs so hard that you will use your exclusive t-shirt to wipe your tears off – while taking part at the most ridiculous Comedy Funk show of the web…

That your ticket is going to be guaranteed 100% by my Official Warranty “Have Fun or Refun(d)”.

In fact, after the show you can request a full refund for ANY reason.


    • The show didn’t make you laugh?
    • You didn’t like the music?
    • You feel like a genius in stealing me 9 euros and tell all your friends how bad you are?
    • You don’t like that Miki is almost 25 and hasn’t got a beard yet?

Don’t worry…I have your back:

Just send an email to

And in 5 days you’ll get a full refund “NO QUESTION ASKED”…

Nobody is going to tell you “Why?”…

You will get the money back. Period.

The Comedy Funk Show starts in:

What is Loop Connection?

Loop Connection is the wildest live looping project of the web…

With Disco Funk music well mixed with every other genre and comedy stuff!

Miki is the creator and leader of the band. 

He plays all kind of instruments and he loves funk!

His crazy faces he does while grooving are unforgettable.

He took part of Rockin’ 1000 back in 2018 and played together with Courtney Love.

He also played in a couple of collabs with Charles Berthoud and Davie504.

You may recognize him for his viral 1-minute funk lesson you can find on YouTube.

The Comedy Funk Show starts in:


Q: How can I join the Comedy Funk Show after I buy?

A: After the payment you will get an email to confirm your order and 15 minutes before the show you will get another email with a link to join the show.

Q: Can I rewatch/download the show?

A: Only PREMIUM and SUPERFAN Ticket allow you to rewatch and download the show.

Q: How long it will take to receive the “Bundle” when I buy the “SUPERFAN TICKET”?

A: I will ship the “Bundle” the day after the show and usually it will take:

  • Within EU: 1 week
  • Outside EU: 2-3 weeks

You will also get a tracking code to monitor your shipment.

Q: Where the show will be host?

A: The show will be host on a private YouTube Livestream and you’ll get the link 15 minutes before the show starts.

Q: How the refund works?

A: You can ask for the refund for any reason after the show at and in 5 days you’ll get the money back. If you have already bought the SUPER FAN TICKET you cannot ask for a refund if the bundle is already shipped.

Do you have any other question? Write us un email at and we will answer as soon as possible.

The Comedy Funk Show starts in:

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