What makes you a real SLAV? Who is Vasilij? Do girls really like big noses? And whom should I call for a quick house renovation? This EP does not really answer your questions, but sure it highlights the state of the art of the trio.

Master disco-beats, a ton of original tunes, productive collaborations and a single well-placed cover song really step up the Loop-game.


This EP is straight, Looped Disco-funk, built on finger-style Bass, beatbox, percussive guitars and catchy horns. 11 tracks on which Michele plays almost every instrument, except a couple of cleverly inserted collaborations. Highlights: a tribute to Quincy Jones’ “Money Runner” and the much more dreamy “Flags”.


This first EP mixes Ambient and Reggae flavours by combining the dreamy sound of the Hangdrum and looping techniques. Features a memorable, hand-drawn cover art by Andrea Bassi.