The video course to learn how to use the loop station like a pro from the start, including 3 secret tips and tricks to skyrocket your live looping skills immediately FOR FREE (INSTEAD OF $97)

In this FREE COURSE you will learn:

  • What is a loop station, what you can do with it and why it’s a fundamental pedal for ALL MUSICIANS
  • How to setup the loop station properly and avoid common mistakes that will make break your loop station
  • The basics of live looping to start use the loop station like a pro
  • 3 secret tips to never fail a loop and make clean, tight and groovy loops
  • and MUCH MORE!




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Hey, how u doing?

I’m Miki from Loop Connection, the wildest live looping band of the web.

I’m a professional live looper and I played hundreds of gigs with a loop station since 2017.

I busked on the streets, I played festivals and nowadays I’m also playing my shows on the internet with a peak of 20,000 people for show.

This is me and my band while busking, playing festivals and gigs in front of hundreds of people

Why do I tell you this?

‘Cause the web is full of great guitar teachers making lessons and video courses about live looping, but the HARD TRUTH is that surely they can be great teachers but they are not professional live loopers.

They don’t do gigs in front of a crowd.

They can only teach you the basics of live looping, but they can’t teach you how to really become a one-man band because they simply don’t do live looping for a living.

That’s why I decided to start teaching how to use the loop station properly, like a real pro.

So if you’re interested in learning how to live loop, or if you already know how but you want to take your skills to the next level, then fill the form down below, grab this FREE COURSE and learn how to use the loop station immediately.

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